How a Blind-Spot Monitor Can Keep You Safe

Every year, vehicles are being manufactured with more and more technology. One very important technology feature in most cars today is the Blind Spot Monitor. Although its name says it all, our technicians at Land Rover Denver are happy to give you all the information on Blind Spot Monitor and how it works.

Using special sensors, Blind Spot Monitor watches the road on both of your sides, typically your blind spots to see if there are vehicles. It shows you warnings in either your windshield frame or your side view mirrors. Some vehicles used advanced versions that also give you an audible warning or additional alerts if you’re changing lanes and another case is next to you. Blind Spot Monitors will not detect bicycles, pedestrians or motorcycles.

If there is any other information you want on Blind Spot Monitors or would like to take a car out for a test drive, stop in at our Littleton showroom.



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