Understanding Tread and Pressure

While it might seem irksome or expensive to properly maintain your tires, it can be even more expensive if you don't. Tires with low pressure can't withstand rocks or potholes in the same way as one with proper inflation, leaving you with a bent rim or a blowout. They also cost you money at the gas pump, as a tire with low inflation takes more effort to propel down the road.

Check your owner's manual for the required range of pressure for your particular vehicle. You can then test your tires with a tire gauge and inflate them or deflate them as necessary. Check your tread by placing a Lincoln penny head-first into a tread. If you can see the top of his head, your tread is too low.

You can visit Land Rover Denver for all of your tire care needs. From checking for proper inflation to installing a new set of tires, we're ready to get you back on the road and driving safely again.



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