Range Rover Evoque Design Features

The Range Rover Evoque model is a classy-looking, smaller-sized SUV. This vehicle is noted for its sleek design. This vehicle has five doors for your convenience, and there is plenty of room inside for both driver and passenger comfort. The Range Rover Evoque has design features to provide for driver convenience and comfort.

One of the design features of the Range Rover Evoque that you will enjoy are the side mirrors. These mirrors are designed to fold in completely when you are parked. The side mirrors are also heated, so you won't get ice and snow build up in the winter weather.

The Range Rover Evoque is also equipped with leather seats. The driver's seat may be adjusted fully by power controls. The seat will move in 12 different directions so that you can get just the right position that is comfortable and easiest for you to see to drive.



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