Replace Your Brake Pads Before You Can't Stop

If your car has a disc brake system, you rely on your brake pads when you need to stop. Over time, those pads get worn out. It's important to replace your brake pads before they get too worn.

Each tire on your car has a brake rotor attached. When you hit the brake pedal, it causes the brake calipers to start squeezing the rotors. This pressure helps slow down the tires and the car's speed. There's a large amount of friction between the calipers and the spinning rotors. The brake pads help absorb this friction. The pads wear out over time.

Worn brake pads can make it difficult to stop your car. If you find you can't stop as easily as you used to be able, it's time to have the brakes inspected and the pads replaced. Call the service department here at Land Rover Denver to set an appointment.



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