Should I Buy or Lease?

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A common question we hear at Land Rover Denver is, “Should I buy or lease?” There really is no one-size-fits-all answer to this inquiry. Each option has its own unique benefits, and one may be better suited to your driving needs and budget. Land Rover Denver explores both financing options below to help you determine which is the best fit for you.

Leasing vs. Buying: Costs

  • Leasing is the more affordable option up front. You can enjoy lower monthly payments, and you’ll also spend less on taxes and your down payment. However, if you start a new lease every few years, you will always have to fit a car payment into your budget.
  • With financing, once the vehicle is paid off in full, you will not have to worry about making a monthly car payment. Buying used can also be more affordable than leasing new.

Leasing vs. Buying: Mileage Limits

  • If you choose to finance your new Land Rover vehicle, you are not limited by mileage restrictions. Drive as much as you want in Broomfield and beyond.
  • When you lease, you have to stick to set mileage limits. If you go over those limitations, you will be charged with a penalty.

Leasing vs. Buying: Customization

  • Financing gives you the freedom to customize your vehicle as you see fit. Add your favorite accessories, or modify the vehicle more extensively with custom parts or upgrades. The possibilities are endless.
  • If you lease, the vehicle needs to be kept as close to factory condition as possible. When the terms of your lease are complete, the vehicle is returned to the dealership to be resold.

Leasing vs. Buying: Flexibility and Convenience

  • Financing offers flexibility. The vehicle is yours to keep for as long as you like, and you have the freedom to sell it at any time.
  • Leasing is convenient. When the terms of your lease are complete, all you have to do is bring the vehicle back to our lease return center and select a new vehicle. In some cases, you may also have the option to buy out the lease.

Enjoy Stress-Free Financing at Land Rover Denver

Are you interested in one of our Range Rover lease deals, or do you prefer to finance your next ride? The experts at Land Rover Denver are here to help. Contact us today for more information, or begin the pre-approval process from the comfort of your home.

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